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Thursday, August 18, 2011

As a family, we like to have 'date' days where one kid gets to spend a special day alone with either mom or dad. About a year ago, I took Kiki to a ceramics store for our date and ever since then Zee has been asking to go there for his date day with me. Well, one day, my 'sista' and I had planned a surprise day out for the kids at one of our many islands. We were going to take the ferry over, go for lunch and explore all the artisan kiosks. As it so happens, life stepped in and changed our plans so we frantically tried to find something else that would be a fun day for the kids...after all we had spent the entire week before telling them about our fun surprise Wednesday activity so they were stoked to do something FUN!

We thought about the beach but the weather was crappy. The mall? Nah, too normal. How about a shopping trip to the US? Nah, too late in the day...the border line ups would be horrendous. We were running out of options, what could we do?

Enter Zee's date idea....

So many cute items to choose from.

Okay, we've made our choice of WHAT we want to paint, now to decide on the COLORS!
Mo is doing a sprinkle doughnut.

Kiki is doing a cutie little cupcake.

Zee decided on an elephant piggy bank.

M. is doing a cool car piggy bank.

M. chose a big mouthed frog.  Reminds me of a joke...
Sista chooses a white butterfly.  

So this is what it looks like before you get started...a blank slate awaiting your creativity.

While it ain't no trip to the island, those are pretty happy faces nonetheless...

Don't forget to blow dry it in between coats

This is very serious stuff!

M. adding some detail to her frog.

All ready for the firing kiln. 

Named this guy, "EL-FISH" --like Elvis, only he's a fish...get it?

Anyway, I think a fun time was had by all.  I enjoyed myself and really that's all that counts, isn't it.


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